of God’s leading and provision

1993 marked the beginning of preparations for what is humbly referred to as a “Dream School.” Birthed from his childhood dream, the Founding Headmaster, Don DeLair, and his wife, Shery, established King’s Schools with a passion for bringing EXCELLENCE…OPPORTUNITY…and HOPE to the deserving children in the Coachella Valley.  With the financial support of the Anderson Children’s Foundation, our doors opened in 1994 with 55 students in Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

Every year brought increased enrollment that encouraged the opening of our Middle School in 1999 followed by a full-day Preschool for Infants through Pre-Kindergarten that opened in 2003.  To date, over 5,500 children have been blessed to receive a quality Christian education over the 27 year history of King’s Schools.

The name, King’s Schools, was chosen to reflect our dedication to the excellence of Christ – the King of Kings and the King at King’s. As an evangelical school, we welcome families of all backgrounds and afford every child a safe and nurturing environment in an atmosphere of Christian love and learning. We have been honored and blessed to see many students and entire families come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through their enrollment at King’s Schools.

The “Dream School” has seen God’s miraculous leading in the past…we see His hand of favor today…and we are confident He will continue to provide for us well into the future.


through challenging times

Like countless Christian schools across the state and around the country, the very heartbeat of King’s Schools was threatened by the impact of COVID.  The initial loss of 45% of our students put us at great risk of being able to sustain our vision from a financial perspective.  Believing the Lord was leading the charge, our Corporate Board of Directors voted to reopen with in-person learning on our original start date of September 8.  The collective passion of our entire Board and Staff fueled our efforts to prepare the campus to reopen in a safe and effective manner with an approved waiver from the county.  The phone continues to ring and we have enrolled over 75 new students out of the 115 we lost since last March. More families are realizing the value of a distinctively Christian education in-person and we are reaping the rewards of following the Lord’s leading through challenging times.

EXCELLENCE…OPPORTUNITY…and HOPE for a needy world.


comes down to people and we seek to hire the best faculty and staff in the world of Christian education.  Excellence in the classroom translates into excellence in the community and our reputation around the valley is very impressive, which it should be. Visit our campus and you’ll see, hear, and feel tangible evidences where excellence (without elitism) is the standard.  Now, more than ever, we need your support to help us attract and keep the best faculty and staff members in our quest to train our students with excellence. 


stems from our belief that every child deserves a quality Christian education.  100% of our students are on scholarship because we charge less than it costs to educate each child – approximately $3,500 per student.  In addition, over 40% of our students receive handsome scholarships that are paid for by sponsors through our “Every Child Deserves” Scholarship Program.  On top of that, no other school in America offers a declining tuition schedule like King’s where “…the longer you stay, the less you pay.”  Every dollar raised will go to support our scholarship programs that are needed to service more deserving students today than any year in our history.


isn’t a common word when it comes to describing the education in our country, state, and local community…unless you’re talking about the students at King’s.  On average, 95% of all K-8 students earn a 3.0 GPA or higher…85% earn the Honor Roll (3.5 GPA)…and 40% earn the Headmaster’s List (4.0 GPA).  The key word is EARN because our students work hard for their grades.  Equal to the academic achievements is the reputation our students have of respect, integrity, boys being gentlemen, girls being ladies, our love for America, and our commitment to loving God and serving others.  Put it all together and it spells HOPE for a needy world.

that will last a lifetime

A legacy doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen one student at a time.  No investment leaves a greater lasting legacy than a child’s education…not just any education, but a distinctively Christian education of excellence. For a school of our size, raising $3,500 per student is no small feat, but it’s happened for 27 straight years because of God’s favor through generous people who value a “KING’S LEGACY” that makes a difference and lasts a lifetime.  

One-time gifts are greatly needed and appreciated and go directly toward our $3,500 per student goal for this year.  Our immediate need from this year’s event is $250,000, of which (approximately) $100,000 has already been raised or pledged.  Matching gifts and stock options are always welcomed and appreciated. 

The long-term sustainability of our school, however, is secured through multi-year pledges. We’re so grateful for the generous pledges from prior years that allowed us to reopen in-person and navigate through the economic rogue wave caused by COVID that hit us so hard this past year.  

We’re also praying for an additional $250,000 of multi-year pledges to build upon the foundation of support we need to confidently continue our mission for years to come.  Please consider becoming a member of our Lasting Legacy Society (LLS) with a pledge of $1,000 per year or more for five years to help us reach our $250,000 goal. Contact the Development Office to become a LLS Member and set-up your recurring gift. 

10 donors

$1,000/year x 5 years


10 donors

$2,500/year x 5 years


10 donors

$5,000/year x 5 years


THANK YOU for your generous, sacrificial, and faithful support to help us continue building a lasting legacy…one student at a time!